Post Hole Core Digger


  • Works in Hard Clay, Hard Soils, and Moist Soils. Does not work well in Sticky Clay.
  • Components are complete, ready to use.
  • Standard Core Tube Length is 12-inches
  • 6-inch long available for 6-inch diameter.
  • Available in 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch diameters
  • Digs holes up to 54″ inches deep
  • Works with Shop Vacuums (recommended 12 amps, 180 to 200 CFM – typical 6.5HP).   We recommend that you use your own shop vacuum first before buying a new one.  2-½ inch suction hose recommend for perfect fit to digger suction pipe
  • Works with our Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum System
  • All Blades are Replaceable
  • Can be extended with Post Hole Digger Vacuum Tube Extension 30-inches
  • Caution: This digger will cut through electrical conduit, metal water pipes, PVC pipes, and communication cables.  Call 811 in your state first before digging.

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The Post Hole Core Digger is a Shop-Vacuum assisted hole digging tool.  The tool operates with a standard shop vacuum cleaner. This digger is specifically designed for hardpan and hard packed clay soils. In addition, it works well in both dry and moist conditions. This digger works well in most uniform soils. Finally,  it works even better if the soil has some binding characteristics where it can be held in the cylinder with the vacuum.

The Post Hole Core Digger will easily cut through large tree roots and is a perfect companion for the Post Hole Diggers.  Because of the its unique design, the Post Hole Core Digger easily bores precision holes holes 4.5 feet deep. Post Hole Digger Vacuum Tube Extensions are available in 30-inch lengths for deeper holes. These are available as accessory items.  The shop vacuum assisted Post Hole Core Digger can rapidly dig deep, straight, uniform holes at a rate of 2 to 15 inches a minute depending on the soil type.  It is presently available only in 6-inch diameter.

Post Hole Core Digger Method of Operation

The Post Hole Core Digger digs a narrow annulus around a center plug.  The vacuum pulls nearly 80 pounds of downward force onto the cutter head for easy ground penetration.  At cut depths of 12″ to 18″ the plug becomes sealed in the digger head with the vacuum and then can be lifted out of the hole. The vacuum hose is then switch to the blower side of the shop vacuum to expel the plug. Due to the power of the vacuum, just turning it off is usually enough for the soil to just fall out.  Digger operation requires an easy back-and-forth rotational movement of 60 to 75 degrees by hand to loosen the soil. As a result of your shop vacuum doing the hard work, the Core Digger is fun to use.  After digging, the Shop Vacuum will easily help you clean up the bottom of the hole.

Some Assembly Required

The Post Hole Core Digger is collapsable, and therefore will require some assembly.  The pipe sections are easy to assemble with the ¼-20 screws that come in the kit.  These screws are easily put in place with a Philips screwdriver.  Total assembly time is approximately 3 to 4 minutes.

Post Hole Core Digger Kit Contents

The Post Hole Core Digger Head consists of heavy gage metal pipe with a replaceable hardened metal blade not shown.  A Handle Assembly is shown in the product gallery with an extension tube.  The easily assembled parts together with a standard shop vacuum becomes a robust, simple to use, hole-boring machine. When finished the digger will look like the fully assembled digger in the product gallery. You will need a Shop Vacuum described in our section on Selecting a Shop Vacuum. We also have a blog on Digging Holes With A Shop Vac.

If you need a larger diameter hole, consider purchasing our Post Hole Digger Assembled Kit that digs 7-inch holes.  These holes can also be reamed to approximately 9-inches with our 8-inch Reamer. This diameter hole is suitable for an 8-inch PVC pipe casing.

Remote Operation

For digging holes in remote locations, where electricity is not available, we offer a Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum System. The Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum System works exceptionally well with the Post Hole Core Digger.  It was developed by Keene Engineering for dry washers for their gold processing equipment line.

For More Information

See our videos page for more information on our diggers and burial of cache tubes.

Additional information

Weight 25.0 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 10 × 10 in
Post Hole Core Digger

4-inch dia Complete Assy, 5-inch dia Complete Assy, 6-inch dia Complete Assy, 4-inch dia Lower Assy, 5-inch dia Lower Assy, 6-inch dia Lower Assy

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