Post Hole Digger Quick Change Heads


  • Save by purchasing one digger and adding Quick Change Heads for other digging options
  • Just two bolts to make quick change
  • Consists of Digger Head and lower vacuum tube
  • Available Post Hole Digger sizes 4″, 5″, 6″
  • Available Core Digger sizes 4″, 5″, 6″
  • Available EZ Reamer size 8″
  • Available Large Reamer sizes 10″, 12″
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Post Hole Digger Quick Change Heads are available for a wide variety of post hole digging options. Standard Holey-Moley Post Hole Digger heads, Core Digger heads, the 8-inch EZ Rearmer and our large diameter 10″ and 12″ reamers are available.


Quick Change Digger, Core Digger and Reamer Heads
Quick Change Digger, Core Digger and Reamer Heads



A Post Hole Digger Quick Change Heads makes for rapid switching between post hole digger bits.    As a result, you can save money by purchasing quick change heads for the other hole sizes you are interested in.

Family of Quick Change Heads


Finally, to make it easy, Quick Change Heads are available for:

Post Hole Diggers –

  • 4-inch
  • 5-inch
  • 6-inch

Core Diggers –

  • 4-inch
  • 5-inch
  • 6-inch


  • 8-inch EZ Reamer
  • 10-inch Reamer
  • 12-inch Reamer

All Digger Heads are Interchangeable

All Post Hole Digger Heads, Core Digger Heads and Post Hole Reamer Heads are interchangeable.   Consequently, you can purchase one Fence Post Hole Digger Assembly which  includes the (handle assembly and upper vacuum tube) and just purchase a Quick Change Head for other Post Hole Digger sizes.

In addition, Quick Change Heads are available for Core Diggers and Reamers.  They all fit the same upper vacuum tube extensions and handle assemblies.  This saves you money and provides different tools for your digging requirements.



Post Hole Digger Heads

Post Hole Digger Quick Change Heads

Core Digger Heads

Core Digger Quick Change Heads





Post Hole Digger Quick Change Head – Easy Change-out

A Post Hole Digger Quick Change Head is easy to change-out with a different head by removing the two bolts on the vacuum tube connection.  As a result of interchangeable heads, the whole line of digger heads are easy change-out.

Vacuum Tube Extension Joint
Holey-Moley Digger Vacuum Tube Extension Joint



Universal Adapter

The Holey Moley Digger line of tools all use a four bolt Universal Adapter with Nylock Nuts for attaching digger heads.   As a result, it’s easy to change out a Post Hole Digger Replacement Head with just 4 bolts.

Quick Change Heads

Quick change heads are available for Post Hole Diggers, Core diggers and Reamers.


Spare Parts

Need to replace a warn out digger head?  It’s easy, just purchase a replace digger head.  Finally, remove four bolts, remove and replace head, and tighten the four bolts.  Because the saw blades and the scraper blades are the parts that wear out, they are made to replace.   In addition, depending on the soil type, your digger head can last through hundreds of holes.   Also, if you do wear out a blade, it is easy to get a replacement.


Another advantage of Holey Moley DIggers is the replaceable heads. These are available in three sizes, 4-inch,  5-inch and 6-inch.



70 years of Manufacturing Experience

All Holey Moley Digger equipment is manufactured by Keene Engineering of Chatsworth, California.   Keene Engineering has been in business for 70 years making quality dredging and mining equipment.   All parts are have a 30 day replacement and 1 year manufacturing parts defect warranty.

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4-inch Post Hole Digger, 5-inch Post Hole Digger, 6-inch Post Hole Digger, 4-inch Core Digger, 5-inch Core Digger, 6-inch Core Digger, 8-inch EZ Reamer, 10-inch Reamer, 12-inch Reamer

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