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RC-1 Quality Portable Gravel Rock Crusher with Cart


  • 300-400 pounds of grind per hour single pass
  • Crushes 1-inch gravel to fine power 1/8″ and finer first pass
  • 120 mesh grain size achievable with 3 passes
  • Powder great for enhancing garden soils
  • Cart is collapsable
  • Includes, RC-1 Crusher, Cart and Vacuum Bucket
  • Bucket output port suitable for 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hose
  • 5HP Gas Engine
  • Portable – 120 lbs


RC-1 crushes up to 1-inch gravel 
RC-1 crushes up to 1-inch gravel
RC-1 crushes gravel to a fine powder
RC-1 crushes gravel to a fine powder


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RC-1 Quality Portable Gravel Rock Crusher with Cart

This amazing RC-1 Quality Portable Gravel Rock Crusher is ideal for those interested in a light-weight and economical high-speed gravel crushing machine. Because this machine easily generates fine powders many are finding it ideal for crushing gravel for gold processing as well as production of garden soil enhancement rock dust.

The RC-1 is Easy to use

The RC-1 Quality Portable Gravel Rock Crusher is easy to use. Material is gravity fed into the hopper and drops into the center of a high-speed rotating tube. The centrifugal force throws the rock into a hardened steel impact wall at speeds in excess of 400 miles per hour. The harder the rock, the easier it shatters into instant powder. If any uncrushable particles are fed into the unit it will automatically pass them without damage or hesitation. All material after crushing then passes automatically into a five-gallon bucket sealed chamber providing a low dust environment.

The RC-1 crushes all rock types

Ideal for crushing all types of quartz, schist, limestone, etc.  This new machine is also ideal for crushing black sand concentrates to release any encapsulated micron gold for further processing. Additionally this machine will crush volcanic basalt and granite gravels into rock dust for garden soil enhancement.

Rock dust for your garden

Growing high quality crops requires more than just organic material or the 3 key elements, nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.   There are 40 key elements used by plants.   You can learn more from these articles:  Rock Dust Primer, How To Use Fertilizers – Rock Dust, and Rock Dust and Remineralization.  Buying rock dust can be expensive.  At 1.25 pounds per square yard, at a price of $1.00 to $10.00 a pound, why not make it yourself. Granite river rock and volcanic basalt are easy to find rocks for crushing for garden use.

The RC-1 production rate

Mounted to a vertical 5 horsepower engine, this machine is capable of producing up to 400 pounds of grind in just one hour. In a single pass, dependent on rock type, the product would be 1/8″ and smaller.  Multiple passes may be desired for finer grinds down to 120 to 180 mesh. Designed primarily as a pilot mill this machine is not a production machine. However, it processes more than enough rock dust for home gardeners and enough material for testing the feasibility of larger crushers for gold processing. The maximum rock size that this unit will handle is one inch.  This is perfect for most home garden jobs and for prospectors.

Works with your shop vacuum

The RC-1 Quality Portable Gravel Rock Crusher produces fine powder dust.   The 5 gallon bucket that comes with the unit is specially fitted with a 2-1/2″ shop vacuum hose port.   Just attach your shop vacuum to the output port and you collect the vary fine dust to maintain a dust free work environment. The larger particles stay inside the buck for returning to the crusher chute for additional processing.   It’s easy.


RC-1 Crusher – 85 pounds

Cart – 35 pounds

Total Weight 120 pounds

Quality Manufacturing

Manufactured by Keene Engineering, Chatsworth, CA manufacturing quality mining equipment for over 70 years.

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