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RC-46 Electric Rock Crusher

RC-46 Electric Rock Crusher

  • High Capacity
  • Rocks to 6 inches
  • Heavy Duty construction




RC-46 Electric Powered Rock Crusher

Keene Electric Powered Rock Crusher
Designed for Production with the Highest Quality Material and Components Available

Same great features as our RC46 but this model is base mounted & powered with a heavy duty 7.5 horsepower, 3 phase electric motor. This model quickly crushes 4×6″ rock into ultra fine powder. Over 20 years of manufacturing has proven this model to be a tried and tested reliable work horse. Rock is crushed into 1/8″ in size through the first stage jaw crusher and automatically delivered into the roller mill which reduces the material into fine powder. Material is then processed through the roller scraper which further reduces the material into “Ultra Fine Powder”.

Oversize material may require an additional pass. All replaceable and wear parts are designed with the operator in mind for easy adjustment and replacement in the field. Designed for production with the highest quality material and components available. Built as compact as possible for ease of handling and maneuverability.



RCE46 Rock Crusher
RCE46 Rock Crusher


Video Link –

This video is on our RC46DR Double Roller Rock Crusher. The video covers basic set up, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. The RC46DR has proven to be a real workhorse for over 38 years. We have upgraded it with a double roller system that does require more maintenance and a higher level of proper setup. We walk through step by step procedures on startup, operation and some detailed instructions on appropriate adjustments. The upgraded crusher can produce up to 2000 pounds per hour and deliver crushed powder around 50 to 100 mesh in a single pass.





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