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RC-46T Gas Powered 3-Stage Trailer Mounted Rock Crusher


  • Heavy Duty – Industrial Quality Materials
  • High Capacity up to 1500 pounds/hr
  • Gas Powered – 11 HP Honda Engine
  • Backed by Keene – In business 65 years.
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The RC-46T Gas Powered 3-Stage Trailer Mounted Rock Crusher

RC-46T Gas Powered 3-Stage Trailer Mounted Rock Crusher uses the tried and true Model RC-46 Rock Crusher with “Roller Scraper.” In addition this amazing 3 Stage Compact Rock Crusher quickly crushes 4″ x 6″ Rock into ultra fine powder. Built by Keene Engineering,  a leader in mining and dredging tools, has proven this model is a tried and tested reliable work horse.

Because of its high speed, the RC-46T Gas Powered 3-Stage Trailer Mounted Rock Crusher quickly crushes rock into 1/8 inch in size through the first stage jaw crusher.  The crusher automatically delivers the smaller rock into the roller mill.  This is where the rollers reduce the material into a fine powder. The crushed material is then processed through the roller scraper which further reduces the material into “Ultra Fine Powder”.

Oversize material may require an additional pass. All replaceable and wear parts are designed with the operator in mind. For this reason, they are easy to adjust and replace in the field. The crusher is powered by an 11 HP Honda engine. This engine with a 6 to 1 gear reduction provides dependable service. Designed for production with the highest quality material and components available. Built as compact as possible for ease of handling and maneuverability.

RC46T Rock Crusher with Trailer

RC46T Gas Powered 3-Stage Trailer Mounted Rock Crusher


Rock Dust – A perfect Small Business

The RC-46T Gas Powered 3-Stage Trailer Mounted Rock Crusher can crush granite river rock into ultra fine powder.  This fine powder is ideal for enriching soils.

Check out the article “Rock Your Garden With Rock Dust!” where you will learn more about rejuvenating a garden with rock dust.

Plants constantly suck minerals out of the soil, slowly depleting these ancient reserves. And restoring those minerals reaps many agricultural rewards.  Plants with an abundance of minerals in their soil grow bigger, faster and healthier.  And many studies show, plants then contain more nutrients in the form of minerals for the people who consume them.

Particle Size Is Key

The most important thing is the size of the particles.  Because of this, the closer to the powder feeling like flour between your fingers the better. Specifically, the dust should fit through a fine 200-mesh screen which is easily achievable with the RC-46T Gas Powered 3-Stage Trailer Mounted Rock Crusher.

Because different rocks contain different minerals, serious gardeners and farmers test soil for mineral needs.  They then seek out the specific kinds of rock that can help. Granite dust, for instance, contains lots of potassium. Rock phosphate, a ‘single dust’ that’s available in packages at most garden centers, just supplies phosphorus. However, ground basalt (pronounced “ba-salt”) contains a nicer mix—phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.

Basalt Rock Powder For The Garden

Check out this article about the Most Important Soil Amendment to learn more about the key to enriching garden soil.

The article mentions that “Igneous rocks like basalt and granite have the highest mineral content. Basalt provides a greater balance of nutrients for optimal plant health and vitality.  As a result, an application of 10 to 15 pounds of mixed rock dust will re-mineralize a hundred square feet of garden.”

Use your RC-46T Gas Powered 3-Stage Trailer Mounted Rock Crusher to easily crush tons of gravel in a day. At 1500 pounds an hour, that translates into a lot of 1 pound bags you can sell.  At $2 to $10 a pound, the payback for an RC-46T Gas Powered 3-Stage Trail Mounted Rock Crusher is a no-brainer.


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